My Favorite Writing Spaces

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What do we look for when choosing a writing space? Quiet? Abuzz with activity? Serene?

As writers, we seek a space where we can do our best work. That space varies with our personality and, sometimes, what motivates us to write. Our choices tell us something about ourselves.

My Spaces

I actually have several writing spaces. Which one I use depends a lot on what I’m feeling that particular day. The space I use also depends on the kind of writing I am doing. Sometimes, journaling is better done in a quiet, reflective place than other types of writing.

My office is my primary writing space. It has all the tools I need, along with soothing colors, photos, and music.

My primary space is my office. I spend most of my time there, so it’s only natural that I would have it set up to reflect what motivates me. It is also good because I have the tools I need readily at hand.

Sitting at my desk, I am facing a floor-to-ceiling window, which bathes the office with natural light.

Because my principal hobby is photography, my office reflects my photo needs, as well as writing needs. On my desk, I have an iMac 27-inch Retina display computer. It is my primary tool for writing and photo editing. 

Attached to the iMac is a secondary 27-inch monitor. While I don’t need dual monitors to write blog posts, the secondary monitor is very handy when editing photographs. I can apply edits on the iMac and see the progress full screen on the secondary monitor.

The office is painted a soothing light green – my favorite color. On the walls, I have some of my favorite photos – I took most of them. And on my desk, a photo of me with my grandson – a nice reminder of the importance of family.

The office is also outfitted with a Brother color laser printer and a Fujitsu Scansnap dual side scanner. Both the printer and scanner are connected to my home wi-fi network so they can be accessed from anywhere around the house.

And to add to the ambiance, I have a Sonos wi-fi speaker in the office. It’s usually tuned to a Pandora station called Relaxation Radio

The Great Outdoors

Sometimes, especially in the spring and fall, it’s nice to get out of the house. Fortunately, I have a large deck on the back of my house which makes a great secondary office.

My 13” MacBook easily connects to my home network, so I have access to all my data. I also have ready access to my color printer via wi-fi if I want to see a paper copy of something.

Deck office on a cloudy day

The deck has a glass-top table with plenty of working room. There is also the typical deck-table umbrella to block direct sunlight from my screen.

The view is a combination of freshness and serenity, overlooking my swimming pool and back yard. Yes, I’ve been known to take a short break from writing to take a dip in the pool.

There is also a Sonos wi-fi speaker – they have waterproof models – on the deck.

A Dark and Quiet Writing Space

I have a photo studio in my basement. There is also a desk in the studio which I sometimes use for writing. Of course, the studio walls are also decorated with some of my favorite photos.

But the main attraction is that the room is perennially cool. It’s also dark because the room only has three small windows. It’s a nice respite when I want a break from the office, but the summer sun and Kentucky humidity make the deck space less attractive.

I don’t use the studio space a lot for writing, but it is there as a choice.

A Soothing Murmur

While I no longer go to coffee shops to write – courtesy of COVID-19 – my local Starbucks was once a favored writing place.

The low murmur of a coffee shop makes it an ideal writing space for some people.

I could camp for several hours at a corner table for the price of a couple of cups of coffee. In general, the low buzz of conversation going on around me substituted for the relaxation of my Sonos speakers.

At one time, I so liked a coffee shop as a writing place that I completed a large portion of my five novels there.

One day, when the restrictions from COVID are relaxed, I may return. But for now, I have other, more readily available spaces.

Share Your Writing Space

I really enjoy hearing about other writers’ work spaces. I may draw inspiration from some feature of yours, and my followers may also.

Describe your writing space in the comments.

Mike Worley

Mike is retired and lives in Louisville, KY, USA. He writes about lifestyle issues, particularly those affecting senior citizens. He also enjoys photography and works part-time as a college volleyball official.